Google Apps for Education Summit - Parklands College - Cape Town - September 2013



This was the first Google Site that I built as an ICT teacher and was used primarily as a platform where my students would access their ICT lesson content on a weekly basis. This was where my site building learning began and it was really REALLY text heavy :-P


I bought my first domain in 2012 and built This was a more user friendly version of louwding which also hosted lesson content but in a far more multi-media format. thattechteacher now hosts my blog and is a site I still use and update for integration specific content.


In 2011 my two Grade 6 classes created a collaborative website as a communication portal through which to share their lives at Somerset House, in Somerset West with a group of students in Kigali, Rwanda. THis was part of the Make A DIfference outreach programme.


Also in 2011, as part of a flipped classroom project, my Grade 7s were required to watch at least one TED talk a week; they were expected to watch and review the talk at home and create their own TED-like talk in class using various online technologies.


This is one of the NGOs that I assisted in setting up a Google Apps account. The organisation had never had a website, so as part of my volunteer work, I designed and built this site. This experience was really valuable as it was the first time I worked with Google Apps outside of my personal life and classroom.

edunova learning centre

As part of my role at Edunova, I lead the Learning Centre Development Model. As part of this role, I have developed a knowledge building and documenting process to record the model and associated learning. This website is where the documenting and reporting takes place.

duncan village community integration project

Another Edunova Learning Centre, as part of the Duncan Village project, just outside East London in the Eastern Cape, is being documented on this Google Site. This website is still very young, and is being collaboratively developed by the project team.

edunova’s going google

Earlier this year, Edunova started going Google and registered a Google Apps for Education account for our domain. As part of the transition process, the tech team built our own support wiki. Here we collected some introductory resources for the organisation's going Google process.