I am a 20-something 'educational technologist' of sorts. I work for Edunova, an NGO based in South Africa's Western Cape, which aims to integrate technologies into teaching and learning.
I work in the space where technology meets education, attempting to confront and conquer the various challenges that present themselves when you try to integrate ICTs into learning.

Technology is a huge part of both my personal and professional lives, and its benefits are far reaching in virtually e
verything I do, all the time: from my interactive sports watch, to my smart phone that connects me to the world. From my skydiving computer that logs my crazy hobby progression to my MacBook that doubles up as my TV set. I love technology and live better for it.

I'm just another tech and education obsessed individual who enjoys a bit of crazy on the side. I’m an ex-teacher who throws herself out of aeroplanes! Mad about the outdoors, I take every chance to get out and do life out there. I also love spending time with family and friends. And I'm crazy about animals. I run, swim, cycle, hike and love nature. I’m also a keen reader and 
writer, and I LOVE music!

The purpose of this website

www.thattechteacher.com has developed from its early days as an educational website dedicated to the teaching and training that I did in my capacity as an ICT teacher. It is now a more personal online space that is more about my own learning, growth and thinking around emerging technologies in today’s world. On this site you will find various resources that are of interest to me, many of which I have developed during my own technology education journey.

All about my blog

The www.thattechteacher.com blog is the site’s homepage. This blog provides visitors to the site with insight about my thoughts and opinions, and cool discoveries that I make relating to education and technology. I write a regular blog post about relevant education related topics. My blog also features some of my favourite YouTube videos and TED talks.